NetWork Security Kya hai ?

Network Security Kya hai ?

Today in this age of network information system computer are not only capable of storing and processing data but also delivering it on a global scale then create connectivity of Information Systems have played a grand role in making the world a global village but this increased connectivity has also brought along with it unprecedented degree of risk. A computer and function can propagate through its connection with in minutes to hours time. This is the reason that network security has become such an important and crucial issue

Network security is an important because globally people businesses corporate sector are dependent on computer network for storing accessing and providing business information. This is the reason that various threats to network security are studied and a counter plan to be prepared to secure the network.

When an authorised user attempts to gain access to protected sensitive information it is known as access attacks or intrusions problem.

This type of attack is an attack against confidentiality of information.

What is snooping?

Also refers to the opening and Looking through files in unauthorised manner. Snooping man was many types of things such as gaining access of a data in another rised Hue casually of having someone as email or monitor computer through a sophisticated snooping software it may also involve in monitoring of keystrokes pressed capturing of passwords and login information and interception of email and the other private communicate and data transmission.

What is evasdropping ?

Evasdropping is also similar to snooping when someone listens to our conversations that they are not part of it or it is say it was dropping formally you can say that the intentionally interception of someone as data such as email login ID password credit card info sector and it is it passes through a user computer to server or vice versa is called evasdropping.

What is dos attack daniel of service attack ?

Daniel of service attacks are those attacks that prevent the legitimate users of the system from accessing or using the resources information or capabilities of the system. Dog attack generally do not allow the attacker to access and modify information on the computer system or in the physical world.

There are different forms of dos attack.

1-Daniel off access information– this type of dos attack causes their information on a system to be unavailable. This is may caused by the destruction of the information or by the changing of the information into an unsable form. This situation can be also caused if the information is still exist but has been removed to an inaccessible location.

2- Daniel off access to application- this type of dos attack targets the application that menu plates or display information and make the application unusable or unavailable. This is done with the intention that the organisation cannot perform the tasks that are done by that application.

3-Daniel of access to systems- in this type of ddos attack the system along with the all application that run on this system and all the information that is stored on the system become unavailable.

4- daniel off access to communication- this is a common type of attack this type of attacks can range from cutting a wire to jamming Radio Communication to flooding network with excessive traffic. Example of search and attack is flooding a system with junk email.

What Are Network security measures ?

The combination of identification authentication and authorisation can control access to a system. This combination is very useful especially in network security various techniques used for network security are given below :-

what is Active protection ?

Asking the user illegal login ID performing authorisation. If the user is able to provide a legal login ID he/she is considered an authorised user.

Authentication is also termed as password protection as the authorised user is asked to provide a valid password and if he / she is able to do this he / she is considered to be an authentic user.

A system designed to prevent unauthorised access a two or more from a private network is called firewall. Firewall for a mechanism to prevent unauthorised internet users from accessing private network connected to the internet especially intranets. A system designed to prevent unauthorised access to or from a private network is called firewall.

Intrusion detection
Intrusion detection is the art and science of sensing when a system or network is being used in appropriately or without authorisation. An intrusion detection system ideas monitor system and network resources and activities and using information gathered from their sources notifies the authorities when it identifies a possible intrusion.

What is Preventive measures ?

Implement proper security policy for your organisation

Security policy is a formal statement of the rules that people who are given access to an organisation technology and information assets must abide. The policy communicates the security goals to all of the users the administrator and the managers.

Good security policy must:

Be able to be in force with security tools where appropriate and with stand case and where actual prevention is not technically feasible.

Clearly define the areas of responsibility for the user, the administrator managers.

Be flexible to the changing environment of a computer network since it is a living document.

Use proper file access permission when sharing files on the internet.

File access permission request to privilege that allow a user to read write or execute a file.

  • If user has read permission for a file he / she can view and read the file so as r.
  • If a user has write permission for a file he / she can edit and write into the file shown as w.
  • If user has execute permission for a file he / she can execute the file shown as x.



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