SMS Kya Hai ? And How It Works

Internet applications

The internet is a worldwide telecommunication network that provide connectivity for a millions of other smaller network therefore the internet is often referred to as a network of networks. It allows computer user to communicate with each other across distance and computer platforms. Email would not have been reality had there been no internet. In this article we are going to talk about some popular internet applications.

What is SMS Short Message Service ?

SMS short message copies says is also called texting or text messaging. SMS messages are text are usually sent from one mobile phone to another but these days a message can also be sent from the internet also. These days you can see School sending bulk messages to Parent all this is possible because of this service SMS over internet sending of SMS via Internet is also called SMS over IP internet protocol.

How it works ?

The website server that intends to send SMS over internet has component installed called SMS gateway which is responsible for sending SMS over to mobile company or GSM SMS centre (smsc).

SMS gateway makes an entry of all the SMS details in its database record because it injects the message into the network this may include the IP address of the user user details in the time of login and the message sent from my destination number time of sending message etc.

The smsc is responsible for receiving storing and delivering SMS messages in a GSM Telephone Network.

What is voicemail ?

Internet Voicemail allows you to receive your Voicemail message directly into your email without the necessity for additional hardware or software. It arise as an audio file that one can convert nearly play on one computer or mobile device.
Internet Voicemail adds a touch of convenience to 1 business. One will no longer have to us to answer the phone or dial another number to reach your voice mail service. All voice messages are sent directly to email for easy access. One can choose to return the cause right away or view the message later at a time that is convenient.

What is an email and how its work ?

Email is basically short form of electronic mail that is messages sent electronically. Electronic mail is changing the world in things about exchanging information. It has invaded every area of computer and has revolutionized science and business. Scientists across the world are sharing information through electronic mail, there are cases where scientists working on the same project never meet they do all their work through email business Travellers using laptop can communicate with other without knowing phone tab sessions.

Electronic mail is not just text, although that makes up the bulk of it, email messages are normally text data for example I just reminding that project submission deadline is this Monday But don’t, have to be. You can send almost any kind of data such as program spreadsheet database and even voice picture songs and videos etc. Some software organisations email to update their clients. There are mailing list for people with similar interests people can receive mail messages dedicated to selling Jo International standards or almost anything as you can imagine.

What is Chat is ?

Chatting is the most fantastic thing on the internet. Chatting is like a text phone. In a telephonic conversation you say something people hear it and respond, you hear their responses on the spot and can reply instantly. In the manner in chatting you type a message on your screen which is immediately received by the recipient then the recipient can type a message in the response to your message which is received by you instantly. If you want to chat you need to log on to your server that provides chat facility. There are many sites that provide chat facility for example following search provide chat facility, most of the chat site require you to register with them first before you can start chatting however there are few that do not require registration with them you just need to type a nickname on the most chat site you can also change room by clicking at room link room basically refer to a group of appropriate approachable chat users. One can chat with all other users in the same chat room. To chat with user in other chat rooms one need to change the rooms.
On chat server rooms are defined on the basis of shared interest like parenting teenagers it people society and life and style etc.

What is video conferencing ?
Next Dimension in internet communication is the video phone. People who have a multimedia PC with a camera and video compression hardware access to the internet over an ordinary telephone line and video phone software can see each other while talking which is what is called video conferencing.
To make use of video conferencing you need to install a digital camera video conferencing software and an Internet connection some popular video conferencing software is Skype over Adobe acrobat etc.

What is wireless / mobile communication ?
Let us not talk about various Technologies and interfaces used for Wireless and mobile computing.

What is GSM ?
GSM is a sort for global system for mobile communications which is one of the leading digital Cellular systems. The GSM standard for Digital cellphones was established in Europe in the mid 1980. GSM has now become the International standard in Europe Australia and much of Asia and Africa.
In covered area cell phone users can buy one phone that will work anywhere where the standard is supported. To connect to the specific service provider in the different countries GSM is a soft sweet subscriber identification module sim card. Chane Ka Dana is small removable disk that sleep in and out of GSM cell phones. They store all the connection data and identification number you need to across a particular wireless service provider. Unfortunately the 1900 Megaherz GSM phone used in the United States are not compatible with the International system.
Use narrow band CDMA which allow 8 simultaneous calls on the same radio frequency. Tdma is a short for time division multiple access a technology for a delivering digital wireless service using time division multiplexing TDM. Tdma works by dividing a radio frequency into time slots and then allocating slots to multiple cores in this way a single frequency can support multiple data channel.
GSM digitisation and compresses a voice data then send it down as a channel with other stream of user data is in its own time slot. GSM systems use encryption to make phone calls more secure. GSM operates in the 900 megahertz and 1800 Mega has banned in Europe and Asia and in the 1900 Megha sometime referred to as 1.9 band in the United State it is used in digital cellular and PCS based system. GSM is also the basis of Integrated digital in network ID and system introduced by Motorola and user by nextel.

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