What is a network ? And How It Works ?

What is a network ? And How It Works ?

Tanenbaum define network ” which are interconnected collection two autonomous computers” computers that are said to be interconnected if they are capable of exchanging information like files and data.A Computer is a set of two or more interconnected computers and hardware devices.

Elementary terminology of networks

Let’s introduce elementary terminology whenever we talk about a network includes the hardware and the software that make up the network

what is nodes ?

The term nodes to the computers that are attached to a network and seeking to share the resources of the network,if there were no nodes (also called workstations).there would be no network at all.
Computer becomes a workstation or nodes of a network as soon as it is attached to a network

what is types of servers are there in Hosting ?

A server of the pc only facilitates on sharing of data,Software and Hardware resources (e.g.printers,modems etc.) on the network are known as Server.

Small network sometime all the theory shareable stores like file data software stored in the server.Each is server has a unique name on the network and all the user network identify the server by its unique name.

A server has Two Types:-

  • 1- Non Dedicated Server
  • 2- Dedicated Server

1- Non Dedicated Server –  On small network a workstation that can double up as a server is known as an dedicated server it is not completely dedicated to the Server, In which servers can facilitate the resourc sharing  workstation on a smaller scale. since one computer works as workstation as well as a server that is slower and requires more memory but small network using such a server are known PEER-TO-PEER networks.

2- Dedicated Server-  On Network installation there is a computer reserved for server job and it’s only job to workstation access data software and Hardware resources.It doesn’t double up as Workstation and such server is known as dedicated server. And the network using such server is known as MASTERS-SLAVE network.

On a network there may be several servers that station to share specific resources for example there may be a server exclusively for serving files related request like stored in deciding about their access privileges and decreasing the amount of space allowed for the future this server is known as file server leave their maybe printer server and modem server.The printer server take care of the printing requirement of them number of workstation and modern server help a group of network user use in modem to transmit long distance messages.

Why Mac Address is Used In Computers ?

A stand alone computer (a computer that is not attached to a network) lives in its own world and carrys out its own inbuilt resources.But as soon as it becomes a workstation not be able to share network resources.
The network interface unit is a device the network card that is attached to each of the workstation and the server and helps the workstation establish the all important the network interface.Each-network-unit that is attached to a work station has unique number identifying it which is known as the node address. The NIU is also terminal Access point(TAP).Different manufacturers have different names for the interface.The NIU is also called NIC-network interface card.

The NIC manufacturer assign unique physical address to each NIC card. This physical address is known as media access control (mac Address)

MAC address is a 6-byte address as

10: 45 : B3 : 63 : 3E : EC

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